Corporate volunteering is one way for companies and their employees to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility, contributing and making a valuable difference to the community.

Corporate volunteering is an integral part of social coalition, where business, communities and non-profits work together to solve social issues. Corporate Volunteering involves the contribution of time, talent, energy, skills and resources of a company’s workforce, for community benefit.

Corporate volunteering, while fairly new to Australia, can have a number of positive outcomes, including:

  • Increasing team spirit
  • Exposing staff to new skills
  • Improving professional development and providing leadership opportunities
  • Boosting your company’s reputation as a community-minded organisation; improving internal culture and productivity
  • Helping Rural Aid to support rural communities in need; contributing to raising Rural Aid awareness, much-needed rural assistance funds and future business partnerships

We are passionate about finding unique and empowering ways to engage our corporate partners with our vision of helping community.